Respect for Nature and organic products.

The extra virgin olive oil "Sweet Carolea" is made from olives of cultivar Carolea, hand-picked and cold pressed within 24 hours of collection itself.


The flavor is typically "sweet" because no sugar, but why do not you excel attributes bitter, astringent and spicy and an acidity the almost non-existent.

img14The olive grove is developed in the pleasant and prosperous Sele Valley, near Paestum and avvalte of the most modern techniques of irrigation in accordance with the methods of struggle integrated plant. (Reg. 2078/92).

According to a policy with full respect for the environment in our garden are grown fruits and vegetables in season without the use of plant protection products. These products will then be the starting point for the creation of tasty and wholesome dishes in our restaurant.


The protection of our territories passes through three basic points: energy saving, water saving and alternative sources. In our company we have significantly reduced energy consumption through the use of appliances and lighting systems with low consumption and perfect insulation of our facilities. The use of flow reducers at all points of our water company has reduced by more than 30% water consumption. In a sunny land like ours can only be solar energy the main energy source. The use of solar panels for hot water and a photovoltaic system from 6 KW lead us to meet our energy needs almost completely with solar energy.