Events of the Province.

On the portal are the most important events of the province.




The province of Salerno is a huge region characterized by landscapes of untouched nature and a past full of testimonies and culture, an area rich in attractions, all to discover and enjoy.


The routes shown represent the territorial identities, thematic routes predefined able to exploit the unique characteristics of the area, to help tourists in exploring more simple and satisfactory unknown places, through a sort of guide to discover the most interesting resources and features.


A territorial marketing tool that combines both the cognitive aspect of the tourist areas, is the promotional aspect of the productive potential typical of the various places, to allow a complete visit include all the different information about the province of Salerno.



And with the aim to develop a network of relationships increasingly direct and continuous with all tourism actors, the search result of the routes not only return information on tourist places -paesaggistici and artistic-cultural characteristics of each area considered, but also events, businesses and offers associated with that "virtual place" chosen.

To allow a simple and intuitive retrieval of information, routings were divided into six categories: environmental, archaeological, historical, wine, craft, education, understood as real "packages" consisting of places to visit and structures to stay.