Island of Capri

Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples, located in front of the Sorrento peninsula.

Escursioni capri agriturismo paestumThe coast is indented with numerous coves and bays that alternate with steep cliffs. The caves, hidden beneath the cliffs, were used in Roman times as nymphs of the sumptuous villas that were built here during the Empire. The most famous is undoubtedly the Blue Grotto, where magical lighting effects were described by many writers and poets.

Escursioni capri agriturismo paestum


Characteristic of Capri are the famous Faraglioni, three small rocky islets just off the shore, creating a visual effect and landscape; them have also been attributed names to distinguish them: Stella to which is attached to the mainland, Middle Faraglione for what interposed the other two and Faraglione Out (or Scopolo) to the farthest island.

Escursioni capri agriturismo paestum


The island contains many plant and animal species, some endemic and rare, like the blue lizard, who lives on one of the three Faraglioni. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, with a prevalence of agaves, prickly pears and gorse. A Capri are no longer sources of drinking water and water supply is secured by underwater pipelines from the Sorrento peninsula. The electricity is supplied by a private company on site.