National Park of Cilento

Cilento agriturismo paestumThe National Park of Cilento, is part of a site surveyed in the list of World Heritage UNESCO, whose full name is "National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, with the archaeological sites of Paestum and Velia, and the Certosa of Padula".

The Cilento National Park offers many attractions, including archaeological sites dating back to the Greek colonization, beach resorts from the pristine sea, countryside with vineyards and olive groves, caves, forests, mountain hiking trails, ancient villages and masterpieces of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque.

The Cilento decades has inspired poets and singers. Many of the Greek and Roman myths that are the basis of our Western culture, have been set on its shores. The most famous myth is that the island of the Sirens, the Odyssey. Those evil creatures that, according to Homer, radiating a song that was crazy passing sailors, leading them to crash with the boats on the rocks. The island that inspired the ancient Cantore is probably the one in front of Punta Licosa south near Castellabate. In front of his sea Ulysses had himself tied to the mast to listen quell'ingannevole singing. Another myth is important to Palinuro, the helmsman of Aeneas. During the trip to the coast of Lazio fell into the sea along with the rudder. He clung to wreckage for three days and hired a grueling fight against raging waves. But when he was finally going to get to safety on the shore, was brutally killed by the inhabitants of those places since then, this hill was named Capo Palinuro. Another myth is that of Jason and the Argonauts who once fled from Colchis, to appease the goddess was stopped at her sanctuary at the mouth of the river Sele (the current sanctuary of Argive Hera).



Cilento agriturismo paestum


A vast region where inland areas with unspoiled nature, medieval villages and mountains that rise up to almost 2000m form the background to a beautiful coastline full of seaside resorts. Cilento is also the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, which is also recognized intangible asset of Humanity in 2011. In fact belongs to the set of four territories (Soria in Spain, Koroni in Greece, Cilento in Italy and Chefchaouen in Morocco) chosen by 'UNESCO precisely as representatives of the group of knowledge, practices, traditions and crops on which the Mediterranean diet is based.